I am a marketing associate with a passion for usability, design, and video.

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Video Projects

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Examples of Past Projects:

1. The Connor Kinna Show Episode 1 featuring Rick Ludwin - a student led studio tv show that I produced and directed.

2. Exiled - Student led project that I was the Director of Photography for

3. The First Delivery - Student film that won a film competition with Ohio University. I was a gaffer, Camera Operator, and Stunt Driver

Skills and Certifications:

Marketing Skills:

-Certified in Google Analytics

-Google Adwords

-Google Data Studio


Leadership Experience:

-Video Project Lead

-Lead for B2C Advertising on FB and Adwords

-University Showrunner and Producer

-TA for Studio Film Production

Program Knowledge


-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe After Effects

-Adobe After Premiere Pro


I love what I do!

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